Thank you for purchasing the HYIPMAX - High Yeild Investment Platform Software script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form or contact us directly using below email address . Again Thank you so much!
If you face any kind of problem during installation phase of Software - Do Not Worry - We are here to help you!! Contact us directly at below information
Whats app Support : +8801775391091



PHP Version 7.4 or higher
MySQL Version 5.7+ or MariaDB version 10.2+
BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP extension
JSON PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension
CURL PHP Extension
GD PHP Extension
GMP PHP Extension
after installation you definetly need to setup cronjobs and email setup first


Question: How much times take to give support ?
Answer: We are taking 2 business days to provide support usually

Question: Does this software can use online server and local host both?
Answer: Yes, you can use this software both server.

Question: Does this software support online payment Gateway and manual too?
Answer: This software support both of these. for online payment paypayl , stripe etc

Question: If i failed to installation do you support to install ?
Answer: Chill , no worries we will give you the support to complete installation

Question: If i want to add some extra functionality may i or you can do this ?
Answer: Yes, We do to add extra functionality contact with us by whats app +8801775391091 and if you are developer then you can also do this thanks

Installation Process

Installation is very easy with Auto Installer. You can install yourself with few steps without zero coding knowledge.

Installation Steps:

  1. Upload the Scripts files to the server what you have downloaded from Codecanyon.
  2. Extract/Unzip the source file and move all files in the scripts folder to the main folder(where you want to install it). Make sure you have moved the index.php and .htaccess as well.
  3. Now please browse http://your-site-url and follow the process. Your system should be ready to use.

STEP 1 Get started and read the licence faq document


STEP 2 Check all requirements and go to the next steps


STEP 3 Check all file permission is ok or not



  • Set Your Purchase Code

  • Set yout website Url

  • database Name

  • database UserName

  • databse Password

  • also set the admin username , password & Email Address then click on istall now

Using localhost use username = " root " & password will be blank & Databasehost should be = "localhost"


STEP 5 If all is ok then you will get a information Successfully Installed click on visit home page and the main site will be launched


If you are still unable to install the system, please contact us. we offer free installation in cPanel based hosting.

Folder Pattern

After installation, There will be two folders and two files will be in your main folder.

  • asset
  • core
  • install
  • .htaccess
  • index.php

On the "asset" folder, We keep all kinds of assets like CSS, JS, Images. If you want To edit or change anything over CSS or js, please have a look at this folder.

On the "core" folder, We keep the core of Laravel and we maintain full MVC structure on this project.

Dashboard: Total Invest, Total Pending Invest, Total Interest Amount, Total User, Total Active User, Total Deactived User, Total Withdraw..

HYIPMAX High Yeild Investment Platform Software script. Here you can manage Dashboard Manage Referral, Manage Time, Manage Plan, User Interest Log, Manage Users, Ticket, Payment Gateway, Manual Payments, Manage Withdraw, Email Manager, General Settings, Manage Language, Frontend, Newsletter Subscriber, Report etc..

Dashboard > Here you can find out the short list Total Invest,
Total Pending Invest,
Total Interest Amount,
Total User,
Total Active User,
Total Deactived User,
Total Withdraw, Invest Report,
Withdraw Report,
Autometic Gateways,
Withdraw Charge,
Withdraw Gateways,
All Users etc..


Cron Job Setting

Copy the curl code from Dashboard and paste this in server > cronjobs


Active theme

Now we have 2 layouts theme , so anyone you can make active



User can make deposit and as a Admin you can approve , reject this deposit balance


Manage Referral:

this a program which manage affiliate refferal , and here you can make multi level referral comission just input how many level you want to create input that number and get filled for how many commision you want to add there.Investment Commission, Interest Commission ,Here you can manage Level, Commission, Change Status,Generate.


Manage Time

Here you can view, edit, SL, Name, Time, Action, . This time actually a period of interest back time . so you can define this time in this section. you can make this second , minute , hour , month, yearly system



In manage plan section you can add, view, edit SL, Plan Name, Invest Limit, Status, Action. Information,
Plan name = make your desire plan name.
Amount = It Could be range system ex. 10$ to 100$ or could be fixed Amount.
Return / Interest (Every Time) = This is the insterest amount .
Return For = perios means here , a certain time it will come back.
Capital Back = this option is for total invested amount would be backed or not this option manage this.
Status = you can enable or disable anytime.


User Interest Log

Here you find Sl, Name, Plan Name, Interest Amount, How Many Time Get Paid, Date. in this portion , you can see the user interest log , which time they get paid and how much as a admin can trace this portion.


Manage Users: Manage Users, Active Users, Deactive Users

In manage users section you can manage,
view active/ Deactive
user's Sl, Full Name,
As a admin you can also secrectly login user account



This is very important , a user can take support from this ticket system and admin can easily answer in the reply section. morover you can also attach the media files too.


Payment Gateway:

Paystack you can manage Payment Gateway . and this dynamic so you can easily setup all the things.


Manual Payments:

Manual Payments you can add your payment manually and also manage Accepted/ Pending/ Rejected payments. Accepted/ Pending/ Rejected payment


Manage Withdraw: Method/ accepted/ Pending/ Rejected withdraws

In this section you can set up the withdraws methods and also manage Accepted
Rejected withdraws.


Manage Desposit : Method/ accepted/ Pending/ Rejected withdraws

In this section you can manage deposit systen m Pending
Rejected deposit.


Setup your SMTP Email Configuration

Set your hosting SMTP HOST accurately example ,, Username:
Password: Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 465
also you can set PHPMAIl easily. You would get to make email template how you want this is dynamic.


General Settings: General Settings, Preloader Setting, Google Analytics, Cookie Consent, Google Recaptcha, Live Chat Setting, Global SEO Manager, Database Backup, Cache Clear...

In general setting section you can manage your Site Name,
Site Currency,
Primary Color,
Copyright Text,
Map Link,
Email Verification,
SMS Verification,
User Registration,
Icon, Login Image,
Frontend Login Image,
Frontend Breadcrumbs Image,
Frontend Main Background Image and also manage General Settings,
Preloader Setting, Google Analytics, Cookie Consent,
Google Recaptcha,
Live Chat Setting,
Global SEO Manager,
Database Backup,
Cache Clear.



Here you can set your langauage setting. you can add any kind of language with accurate keyword


Frontend: All section are dynamic..

Here you can manage Frontend Pages,
Banner Section,
About Section,
Faq Section,
Contact Section,
Footer Section,
Plan Section,
Howitwork Section,
Transaction Section,
Newsletter Section,
Team Section,
Blog Section,
Testimonial Section Service Section,
Privacy Policy Section.


Newsletter Subscriber

Here you can manage Newsletter Subscriber


Report: Payment/ Withdraw Reports, Manage Transaction..

In this section you will find all payments and withdraws report and also view the Transactions list, Daily report
Monthly report
Yearly report
Custom range report